MiNDFOOD Tasting Spoons

Regular price $90.00

These long-handled tasting spoons are handmade from eight different three varieties: rosewood, mahogany, grey wood, coco wood, Madre de Cacao, robles, yellowwood and whitewood. Beautifully crafted, the MiNDFOOD tasting spoons are a stylish addition to any kitchen - a great gift for the food lovers in your life or even a present for yourself.

The perfect match for your new set of spoons is the MiNDFOOD tasting pot, made by Broste Copenhagen. Inspired by the sand found in the Nordic regions, each pot is unique in that the glaze responds to the shifts in the firing process, resulting in a variety of textures and colours.

You can purchase the set of eight MiNDFOOD tasting spoons for $90 (plus P&P), or $150 (plus P&P) to include the MiNDFOOD tasting spoons pot. Make cooking a special experience, no matter what's on the menu.