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Designed to relax your mind and body this set of four MiNDFOOD Relaxation CDs will assist in reducing everyday stress. Each set features:

Deep Relaxation & Healing

This CD is designed to relax your mind and body and assist you in clearing body and mind stress and tension. By listening regularly you will find you are naturally more relaxed and free of stress. It's like a spa bath for your mind and body -- refreshing, revitalising and extremely relaxing. 

Sleep & Relaxation

When your mind is in balance, your thoughts and feelings are too. This CD will assist you in getting that good night's sleep, and you will find you wake up feeling more refreshed and alive. This CD is also designed to stimulate a healthy sleep cycle, rebuilding a clear and creative mind. 

Relaxation for the Body & Mind

This CD will teach you how to de-stress, clear your thoughts and relax from top to toe. It is also an interactive CD, asking you to squeeze your thumb and forefinger together to anchor in your relaxation. You can repeat this day and night to maintain that all over relaxation.

Relaxation for the Body & Mind Part II

This CD has all the qualities of the first relaxation CD for body and mind, but is also perfect for anyone having difficulty going to sleep or staying asleep. It will help by resetting your sleep cycle, restoring your restfulness and helping you have a great night's sleep.


Available as a set of four, the CDs cost $29.95 plus postage and handling.

All MiNDFOOD Relaxation tracks should be played only when you can stretch out and relax. Never play the MiNDFOOD Relaxation tracks in a moving vehicle.

CD set is not available to be purchased from or delivered to the USA.