Current issue of MiNDFOOD INSEASON magazine

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Current Issue - MiNDFOOD INSEASON issue #3 (Autumn 2021)

The cool days of autumn have arrived, and with it comes a bounty of seasonal fruits, veges and recipes.

“Summer has slipped away for another year and the cool days if autumn have arrived,” writes Editor Michelle McHugh. “The main crop of potatoes are dug, leaving the garden looking bare, but it provides me with plenty of space to plant my winter soup garden.”

With a renewed interest in growing and cooking food at home, MiNDFOOD has launched a brand new cooking magazine, MiNDFOOD INSEASON.

“We’ve had the idea for INSEASON for years and now feels the perfect time to launch our seasonal guide to growing, harvesting, cooking, preserving and, most importantly, enjoying food from home,” says Editor Michelle McHugh.

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